Condominium web site:

Information pertaining to the building is available at Some information for owners requires a password which can be obtained from the owner's association management (or another owner). If you do not have access to a computer, request a printed copy of the information.

There is a $100.00 “move-in/move-out” charge to cover excessive waste and the wear and tear on the building.

Building rules:

New residents should familiarize themselves with the building rules. All renters are subject to the rules and if they violate a rule, the landlord will receive a fine which will be added to the rent.


There is level access to the elevator from the lower garage. The Association has a hand truck/dolly to assist persons moving.  The Association has Elevator pads to protect the walls of the cab.  If your are moving large items in the elevator please use these. Contact Management prior to moving for access. If you are unloading a truck and need to use the elevator on/off key, contact management. In order to avoid unnecessarily inconveniencing others when moving in or out using the elevator, assemble your load outside the elevator first, unload it to the hallway (rather than to your unit) and release the elevator until you have assembled the next load. If you need to block parking stalls when loading or unloading, keep the time you are blocking the vehicles to a minimum and be sure to leave conspicuous note on your vehicle with your unit number so you can be contacted in case someone needs access to their stall.

Front door intercom:

As soon as possible you should give management your phone number along with instructions on how you want your name to read at the front door (generally your last name so delivery persons can buzz you) so the intercom can be programmed and the roster updated. When people punch your code at the front door, your phone number will be dialed. Press “9” to open the door – you will hear a buzz on your phone indicating the code was received. You may have to press “9” more than once, especially with cordless or cell phones. Remember that the intercom calls your phone so if your phone is busy and you do not have call waiting, the person at the front door will receive a busy signal or your voice mail.


Entry keys:

Entry keys are numbered and a record is kept of who they are issued to. Locksmiths cannot duplicate the entry keys. Only one key may be issued to a person, spare keys are not permitted. The reason for this is to limit the chance that a key will be lost or stolen.

Guest/reserve parking:

Reserve parking is available for rent on a first-come, first-served basis. Violators will be fined $100 and or towed without warning. If you do need a spot for a guest there may be a reserved spot available. No charge for one night and a minimal charge for a week or longer. Contact the association management so you will not be fined.


Please note the rule posted on the dumpster and also that recycling is required.  Pick up days are:  Trash - Monday, Food and Garden Waste - Tuesday and Recycle - Friday

Package delivery:

If you are not home when a package is delivered from the post office, UPS, Federal Express, DHL, etc. it will generally be left at the mail boxes.  There is no one here to sign for any deliveries